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What is an Intuitive Reading?

An intuitive reading is actually simple. We’ve all had “hits” about situations in our lives.

 We meet people and sense things. We get an urge to duck into an obscure bookstore and find the perfect Valentines gift for our spouse. A waking dream offers up the solution to a problem that’s been bothering us. Most people can confirm having these types of experiences.

I love all things Woo-Woo! I really do. I also love my college degree and my rational mind. However, the older I get, the more I embrace the world of guides, loving kindness, spirituality and art. I’m still working my way through the traditional educational system in order to substantiate knowledge. One of my most favorite classmates back in community college was a 90 year old lady learning to write science fiction. There’s always something to learn. Woo-hoo!

In doing an intuitive reading the essentials are basic.  Be clear, be as healthy as possible and free of chemical or mood altering substances, even caffeine.  Close the eyes, quiet the mind, and ask for information. It isn’t rocket science. An image, a word or phrase, and a message will come through. This is not magic or fortune telling.

I’ve been gifted with the “clairs” since childhood. The “clairs” are listed as clairvoyance (seeing) clairsentience (sensing), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing).  Precognitive dreams are another essential tool for those of us who are spiritual counselors, lightworkers and seekers. More importantly, is the connection of caring people who guide others with integrity and authenticity.

My experience is that most people are looking for encouragement. People need validation and hope. We want to find or rekindle a sense of wonder.  It’s all about balance. Nothing can replace the sense of inner knowing. Authentic spirituality can be found by cultivating a practical application through work, play, service, and education.  Yes, there ARE crooks and charlatans who take large amounts of money and tell you to come back….often. Most spiritual readers can be researched for validation.

The excitement, joy, and sometimes dread that accompanies paranormal experience is finally being addressed in mainstream media. What used to be hidden in esoteric bookstores or a shelf in the library is now accessible and well referenced. One of my favorite accounts of people in high positions who validate the “paranormal”  or spirituality  is Dr. Brian Weiss, MD., author of Many Lives, Many Masters.

Most children are highly intuitive. However these skills are often downplayed and even stifled by family members and community. Children with “the gift” may frighten others and become labeled as absurd or foolish. Another term used is “oversensitive.” Hello! There are apps for that.

 As a child of a scientist/ medical doctor and a social worker, I can attest to the oversensitive childhood. I “saw” things around people. I sensed things about others. The saving grace for me was immersion into appreciation for the miracle of the natural world. Just take a trip to Yosemite and revel in the power of the earth.

Also, studying art, poetry, language, writing, music and movement instilled in me that the language of the spirit is great. Spirituality and spiritual readings are literally gifts from the Great Spirit or Source, the Great Creator, or what some call God or God consciousness. Spiritual readings do not require belief in, or adherence to any particular religion.

Finally, I delved into direct training by the experts. From early childhood exuberance then a journey into self- doubt and bouts with the blues from trauma, I learned  the world opens up again.  I regained a new sense of unbridled joy. Find your spirit!

My spiritual credentials:

2006, Angel Therapy Practitioner, ATP ® with Dr. Doreen Virtue, PhD.

2008 Certified Sixth Sensory Intuitive ® with Sonia Choquette, PhD.

2008, 2012, Certified Instructor of Journal to the Self ® with Kathleen Adams, LPC, PhD.

2009, Certified Medium ® with Charles Virtue

2012 Certified Angel Card Reader ® with Radleigh Valentine and Doreen Virtue, PhD.

  I’ve been doing intuitive readings for over 10 years and it’s my passion. If you’re ever interested in a reading, email me and we’ll set up a session @

As one entity always reminds us, “Love yourselves as we do.”

Happy journaling and intuiting!


Disclaimer: Intuitive readings are not a substitute for medical, psychiatric, or psychological  treatment by a  licensed professional.

Above: original art, acrylic on wood.


I made it this far and plan to keep going. I believe nature heals the soul. I love to journal, to write, do art, and music. I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects. Solar-powered & drive hybrid. Trying to do my part. Earned my BA at 53. And, I believe, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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