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Finding solace

in the den of creativity

a phrase, a photo, a lyric

allows for the perfect


to my solar plexus,

I felt you.

Two more pages.

My dreaming mind goes

full circle,


Grateful, renewed, curious

I can see the figures, their movements, and their meanings.

Characters come forth

in the bright sun of noontime,

a shapeshifter searching for water.

Please don’t be concerned,

I will answer the phone,

not that

anyone uses them anymore

they don’t bother to

put an actual voice behind the name.

I might not make the party.

I’m writing.

figure in a long skirt

Journal prompt: Write two pages on how you feel about social invitations or being interrupted during your most creative times. Record your dreams during the beautiful moments when you can sleep in undisturbed.


Happy journaling!

copyright © 2013 art & writing by Susan E. Rowland, all rights reserved


I made it this far and plan to keep going. I believe nature heals the soul. I love to journal, to write, do art, and music. I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects. Solar-powered & drive hybrid. Trying to do my part. Earned my BA at 53. And, I believe, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

2 thoughts on “Solace

  1. even in childhood
    interrupting my deep flow
    startled or angered

    what is the like now?
    the feelings remain the same
    wrapped in acceptance

    two pages to write?
    Yeck! Babble-on Babylon!
    Unask the QuestionI

    Even writing this
    I am recording my dreams
    Where isn’t my Dream?

    Who cares if you write?
    What is far more important
    is just keep writing!

    1. Hi Jim, I’m really glad you stopped by to visit and to write. I hope you come back again to share your writing. I especially enjoyed your line, “where isn’t my Dream?”

      I didn’t want to come off as too bear-like…-it’s the heat. 🙂 Actually, I love parties! Here’s to writing life.

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