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October’s Hallowed Passing

sue's lone pumpkin

Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve,

the day of the departed

finds me


An unfamiliar language

surfaces within my ears upon waking.

I am silent,

my heart fluttering for a moment.

The trumpet


us together

bravely honoring whispered shadows

sulking, speaking well into the night.

big tree trunk

Journal prompt: Write about Halloween or Samhain or the Day of the Dead. Do you celebrate any of these events? What, if anything, does this time of year signify to you personally?

Copyright ©  2013 by Susan E. Rowland original poetry, art, & photography. All rights reserved


I'm writing. I haven't been on my blog much, so please forgive the lack of updates. I'm doing art. My life is dedicated to any cause that helps the planet and is good for children and other living beings. Don't get me started on politics because it won't be pretty. Humor helps. Check y'all later.

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