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November Gratitude Post 5

fortune cookies nice view

I am grateful for fortune cookies! After chicken friend rice, or chow mein, or stir fry…oh…so good. A message. Loved it as a child and love them now. A cookie with words…a writer’s delight.

good news

I need to write this before more days go by, I am grateful beyond words for my most special hubby, grown children, grandchildren, great-grands, and all my relatives and friends. “We” is the sweetest word. How many ways can one write about the bring-you- to- tears topics? And the make-you-think-you-will-surely-lose-your mind topics.  My story is too long to write here. In a nutshell, it’s the people in my life who make all the difference. Ok, that’s enough. More on that one later.

Photo credits: Susan E. Rowland


I'm a writer, artist, and spiritual intuitive. Illustrated journals are my passion and I've been journaling since childhood. I believe in the power of sharing stories together. Working on a memoir.

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