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Nice People: Post 19

I am grateful for nice people today on day 19 of the gratitude journal.

Sitting at the computer
Aching back
Trying to understand
Stiff fingers
Someone in another country
Is polite
speaking clearly
I can smell the curry.
Five more steps.
The hubby and I sit anxiously at the keyboard.
10 more steps
Try again…
As I wipe the sweat
Not computing
Nothing clicking
Not connecting
I am an effing GRUMP

Back up try again,

10 more steps.
Ya gotta be kidding!
I am not saying how much this machine cost
My head into a big knot
Server not connecting
Fork it.
They are still nice.
Will try again in a few hours.

I am going to eat this whole plate of spaghetti with extra sauce and enjoy every bite.

copyright 2013 by Susan E. Rowland


I'm writing. I haven't been on my blog much, so please forgive the lack of updates. I'm doing art. My life is dedicated to any cause that helps the planet and is good for children and other living beings. Don't get me started on politics because it won't be pretty. Humor helps. Check y'all later.

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