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Quiet Moments Before the Rush: Gratitude Post 26

I am grateful for the quiet moments

between the two of us,

soft background voices of the networks…

a stay at home vacation.

He’s  happy with  games and teams.

No comments, no dialogue, no needless whacky scenes to dissect.

If Norman Rockwell had put me in a painting,

which one would it be?


Josie  and I would laugh at work

all through the 90’s.

I can hear her  talking,

about wanting to have a life like the American paintings,

the ones  where everything seems so normal, functional.

In snow – blanketed pictures of farmhouses and posing people,

standing together, eyes on the camera-

a group selfie intended for this year’s Christmas card,

complete with  form letter

written in third person about all the landmark accomplishments.

It’s fine really, just a short page from a movie script.

For a blessed thirty minute break I watch

the news about holiday travel.

In an attempt to make some visual semblance

of the crumbling and regal

saguaro out by the side gate,

I want to resurrect his dignity

from leftover gold and tumbled sable brown pigments

amidst questionable brushes in an old  jelly jar.

nature spirits 2

Copyright © 2013 poetry and  art by Susan E. Rowland


I'm a writer, artist, and spiritual intuitive. Illustrated journals are my passion and I've been journaling since childhood. I believe in the power of sharing stories together. Working on a memoir.

2 thoughts on “Quiet Moments Before the Rush: Gratitude Post 26

    1. Hi Rita, thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m going over to read your work. It’s great to meet through blogging. Have a wonderful holiday season if you celebrate. Grateful!

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