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Woo-Woo 101

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 ” Mercy is the grace of love.” – Kuthumi

Think back to a time when you really wanted something to happen-something good. For example, you’re  bored with your job and hankering for some kind of a message, or signal about different work. You pick up a magazine at the corner store and randomly flip to an article on changing careers.  It happens.

That’s woo-woo, pure and simple. Woo-woo is the mysterious, the miraculous, and the angelic. It isn’t always dramatic; it can be about the little things.

Think back to a time when you really wanted something and it didn’t happen. Usually there’s a reason for it, and something better comes along.

You hear a voice urgently telling you to stop. You slow down just in time to see a car running a red light right before you enter the intersection.

Woo-woo is unexplained phenomenon. It’s the gift of an unexpected card in the mail, a winning lottery ticket when you’re wondering how to pay that overdue phone bill. It’s the twinkle of your lover’s eye. It’s blessed peace and quiet when the world has become too loud and oppressive.

Some call woo-woo “new age,” but really the magic is nothing new. Woo-woo doesn’t require a college degree, a lot of money, or influential friends in high places.  Woo-woo doesn’t even require believing in it. Sometimes it’s about saving your own life. You got that speeding ticket because divine timing is telling you to slow down, potato head!

 “It is not easy to be a pioneer, but oh, it is fascinating. I would not trade one moment, even the worst moment, for all the riches in the world.” – Elizabeth Blackwell, first American woman physician.

Woo-woo is the friend who never lets you down. She’s the angel at your shoulder, he’s the unseen buff dude who protects you from creeps. Woo-woo is the centered and wise one within you, helping manifest your deepest dreams and wishes. Woo-woo whispers in your ear to take a side street and you see a for-sale sign on a house that’s just perfect for you and in your price range. Woo-woo saves your child’s life in a storm, or gives you a dream of a recently departed pet.

So the next time you want to doubt your own intuition, take a deep breath and just listen. If you hear someone snickering, or your own inner critic is being a bully, be strong and know that woo-woo matters. Sometimes power comes in strange forms.

No need to say a word, the angels always hear you.

Journal prompt: 1)Write about something that is troubling you or something you would like to change.  Say for example, you are considering moving. Write down a simple intention statement, i.e. “I intend to find the perfect new location.”Use descriptive words… “It’s bustling with charm and interesting colorful people.”  Or “There’s a red barn, an art studio, and a Palomino horse in the pasture.” If you are motivated to go further with this, do a collage about your intention. Do a cut and paste of pictures of your dream location. What colors jump out at you? How about words?

2)  If you don’t have a specific question, ask your woo-woo guides to simply give you a message. Write, “I intend to receive a message.”

3) Then, take a trip to your local library, bookstore, or haul out that box of old magazines in the garage.  Clear your mind, relax completely and browse. When you are ready, ask your angels to help you pick a book or magazine. Open to any page and point your finger at a sentence. Read the whole paragraph. Look for keywords. Is there anything relevant to your question?  Write your observations.

If nothing happened, and you think it is all hogwash, write about that.

Feel free to share your observations here.

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  “The more inwardly defined you are, the less you need.” – Dean Ornish, MD.


I made it this far and plan to keep going. I believe nature heals the soul. I love to journal, to write, do art, and music. I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects. Solar-powered & drive hybrid. Trying to do my part. Earned my BA at 53. And, I believe, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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