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Day Five: Janey’s Letter

Day 5: Writing 101 aka Blog Challenge
Prompt: You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today write about this encounter. Be brief.

The last box of Janey’s belongings were packed. I was in denial that my best friend was dead at thirty-eight.

As I headed to my truck a paper on the ground caught my attention. It was a letter was stamped two weeks ago.

Dear Janey,

I can understand why you might be angry with me for not trying to find you.

There is something I need to say.

Your mother and I had hit a rough patch in August 1968. I had just been drafted-tried to get out of it by marrying your mother and going to college, but I wasn’t accepted. Never was a good student.

Marie and I had a terrible argument over money.  The next day I was on my way home from work. It was payday and I was going to stop and buy a steak to celebrate even though we were broke.

Just as I turned the corner and headed up the street I saw your mother in Billy Martin’s driveway. Your mother and Billy ran away.

Last month I saw your award picture in the newspaper and I knew you were my daughter.

Here is my phone number if you want to call.

Your daddy,

*Randolph Henderson

(*fictitious name)

Copyright © 2014 by Susan E. Rowland


I'm writing. I haven't been on my blog much, so please forgive the lack of updates. I'm doing art. My life is dedicated to any cause that helps the planet and is good for children and other living beings. Don't get me started on politics because it won't be pretty. Humor helps. Check y'all later.

2 thoughts on “Day Five: Janey’s Letter

  1. So much mystery. I wonder if it still goes on since no one writes letters anymore, everyone’s online. I couldn’t write these kind of things online!

  2. Thank you for commenting. Fiction is freeing. I started out with a true situation (my friend) and then made up the story around the letter. Brevity is a challenge so I am grateful for the assignment.

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