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Confessions of an Adverb Addict

Blog challenge: go to a public place and listen to conversations. Write about it without using adverbs.

An adverb is “a word or phrase that modifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb or a word group, expressing a relation of place, time, circumstance (are you kidding?), manner, cause, degree, etc (e.g. gently, quite, then, there).”

My name is Sue and I’m an adverb addict. I’ m unable to write without using adverbs. I was going to say it’s been five minutes since I last used. But “since” is an adverb. HELP! The prompt confirmed why I detest grammar. I’m switching to art.

Our conversation is quick.

“Is that all you need today? Just the paint?”

“Yep. And this piece of caramel. You guys are tempting people.
That’s not fair! The doc says I don’t need sugar.”

The clerk laughs
“Do you have a rewards card?”

I give my phone number.

“Well, have fun painting. Sure I can’t interest you in another piece of candy.” More laughter.

“No, thanks. I’m wearing it on my arms. Stay cool. ”

I haul the paint cans out to the car. The weight of the handles digs into my palms.

The temperature is 104 in the shade.

That’s all she wrote.


I made it this far and plan to keep going. I believe nature heals the soul. I love to journal, to write, do art, and music. I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects. Solar-powered & drive hybrid. Trying to do my part. Earned my BA at 53. And, I believe, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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