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Bragging the Oracle

Blog challenge for today is: If you had bragging rights to something what you boast about?

We are taught as children not to brag and boast. It’s nice to have permission.

I’m enthusiastic about a lot of things so I sure hope I don’t come off as boasting. Confidence is one thing, bragging another. My grown kids, grandkids, my nieces and nephews are people about whom I would boast. What awaits them are the mean streets, and they are not there! All of them are working, going to school and raising children. They are doing well and have become conscientious and caring;  I love them dearly. They are my bragging rights!

The next thing I am over the top enthusiastic about are oracle card readings. I started doing them for myself years ago. Then I became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner or ATP® and intuitive. Even though I use tarot, I prefer eclectic decks such as The Angel Tarot, The Archangel Michael Deck, and Messages from Your Angels etc.  The images are positive, affirmative, helpful. There is nothing untoward or unethical about these readings. I don’t discuss anyone’s business with another person. A good reader follows strict guidelines. Another rule is I don’t read for someone who is not present. Asking permission is par for the course with all readings. Hence, the certification.

When I read for somebody I often use angel decks but I also do channeling and mediumship. For example, if I sense or “see” a man in an easy chair with a bowler hat, and I hear or see the letter G, I might mention there is a grandfather presence who is a backer or guide for the client. The messages I receive from Spirit are symbols or psychological implications. I give my interpretation and the client is usually aware of the information already. It is in the unconscious and can be an idea that has been brewing. If I pull the “higher education” card and then the participant claims he has been thinking of going back to college, the validation is present.

So I am not telling the client something he or she doesn’t already know, it is a matter of confirmation along with new information, and support. The messages are always based on loving kindness. It doesn’t matter to me if someone believes in the spiritual realms or not. My practice is non-denominational. I do include a silent brief prayer at the start and ending of each session.

Here’s an example of a reading I did for myself for this post. A  short response follows. Regular readings are longer. Cards are from multiple decks.

Question: What do my guides and angels want me to know about ——-(describe a situation) ?

card for blog 2

The layout left to right is past, present and future. I usually add an outcome card. Brief summary:

PAST: Don’t Compromise, St. Agnes of Rome

For this reading I am looking at having established my values and stand firm in my opinion of what I feel about my current situation. In the past I have had to be stalwart and, in essence, have had to fight for what I believe in. Perseverance to a spiritual practice helps.

PRESENT: Singing and Dancing

Because I have been resolute, I can move into the present time freely.  So in this situation, to relieve tension or anxiety the answer lies in physical activity. I am being advised to sing and dance, return to the spiritual joy that has been a way to validate my own spirituality. In other words, take some time to savor the happy dance of life. Embrace psychic powers.


The ocean as the future card is spot on! The ocean has been a source of comfort and creativity for me my whole life. We’ve been planning a trip to the ocean, and just this morning I was dreaming about walking along the beach. Soak up some negative ions- a good thing. Water heals.

Thanks for letting me share my passion.

Onto Father’s Day!



I made it this far and plan to keep going. I believe nature heals the soul. I love to journal, to write, do art, and music. I'm not afraid to tackle tough subjects. Solar-powered & drive hybrid. Trying to do my part. Earned my BA at 53. And, I believe, it's never too late to have a happy childhood.

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