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32nd Flavor and More!

Journal prompt A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

First of all, I never give my secrets away. I have a couple new flavors for you. Both aid digestion and are made without binders or preservatives. I have vegan choices if you want them. I have a little something for everybody. With me, you get freedom. My ice cream is the real deal.

I decided to be forgiving and not give you Sour Grapes. instead,  I offer  you Ginger Cream… refreshing, slightly wicked. The kids will love it. Tiny chunks of ginger make this flavor zing and zap.

For more mature audiences, I have Licorice Light. Comes in red and black. You’ve never tasted ice cream so good.

Want to try something new and exciting? Stand out from the crowd! Black Licorice is a standard old-timey favorite.  Cool and creamy. Delights the palate. It’s the best flavor out there and needs to be reintroduced to mainstream society. And just a reminder, all the greatest flavors have natural healing remedies. Shakes loose  those stuffy ol’ rigid blues.   Explore traditional  roots and add your own flair-transform habits into creative, courageous and bold innovations.

Thought you’d get only one flavor from a Gemini? With me, you get variety.

Blueberry Blast is coming next month. True blue is where it’s at.

 August’s flavor is  Honey Vanilla Ambrosia.

September is Espresso Mocha

October: Cranberry Cheesecake

And you heard it right here.

Until next time…


I'm writing. I haven't been on my blog much, so please forgive the lack of updates. I'm doing art. My life is dedicated to any cause that helps the planet and is good for children and other living beings. Don't get me started on politics because it won't be pretty. Humor helps. Check y'all later.

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