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April Faces

line drawing 1 for blog

In the waking of consciousness
comes a fervor
of responsibility.

What are we leaving behind
for future generations?

All the talk of elections
while cronies click elbows
with a wink,
and continue to poison the earth mercilessly.

I am aging- my cries
will not be stifled for long.
Determination is in our DNA
as we remember the promises not kept.

Our babies! Our children!

Have I forsaken someone not yet born?

My questions plague me in the early dawn.

Kindreds whisper among each other in circle;

poets, writers, and dancers gather

with the praying spirits.

We will be heard.

old faces copy


I'm a writer, artist, and spiritual intuitive. Illustrated journals are my passion and I've been journaling since childhood. I believe in the power of sharing stories together. Working on a memoir.

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