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Hidden Emotions


Hidden emotions

scream inside.

The relatives do not speak

avoiding a searing truth.

I am left wondering

why the compass disappeared

only to rediscover that a weather vane

points the sunny way home.







I'm writing. I haven't been on my blog much, so please forgive the lack of updates. I'm doing art. My life is dedicated to any cause that helps the planet and is good for children and other living beings. Don't get me started on politics because it won't be pretty. Humor helps. Check y'all later.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Emotions

  1. Wonderful how your few words tell it all. I love the weather vane pointing the sunny way home after the family compass got lost. Beautiful. Families can be the best of things and the worst of things. ❤

  2. I hope the poem worked. It sounds too cheesy to say “home is where the heart is.” :0 Happy summer solstice and Father’s Day, Viva! Will catch up on reading everybody’s blogs today. ❤

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