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Hidden Emotions


Hidden emotions

scream inside.

The relatives do not speak

avoiding a searing truth.

I am left wondering

why the compass disappeared

only to rediscover that a weather vane

points the sunny way home.







I'm a writer, artist, and spiritual intuitive. Illustrated journals are my passion and I've been journaling since childhood. I believe in the power of sharing stories together. Working on a memoir.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Emotions

  1. Wonderful how your few words tell it all. I love the weather vane pointing the sunny way home after the family compass got lost. Beautiful. Families can be the best of things and the worst of things. ❤

  2. I hope the poem worked. It sounds too cheesy to say “home is where the heart is.” :0 Happy summer solstice and Father’s Day, Viva! Will catch up on reading everybody’s blogs today. ❤

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