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Sometimes All I Can Do is Pray

He killed majestic beloved


for a trophy head.

What price is the ego of someone

who goes far away to hunt,

not for food

but only to slaughter,

to boast

and brag.


I'm a writer, artist, and spiritual intuitive. Illustrated journals are my passion and I've been journaling since childhood. I believe in the power of sharing stories together. Working on a memoir.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes All I Can Do is Pray

  1. Thank you for writing of the madness of killing Cecil. Now in the news I’m reading lines that say kill the dentist. I do fear for us humans and prayer is all I know to do also.

    1. It’s all too much lately. I think I’m taking a break from the news. I thought about you when I heard this story & wondered what you were feeling. There’s many other choices for “heroism” that a person could make. 😦

      PS any views expressed on my blog by others may not represent my personal opinons.

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