About What?

Welcome to my blog.

I’m so glad you’re here. Please have a cup of java or tea and make yourself comfortable.

I love writing in journals and have been scribbling/drawing/painting since childhood. That’s what this blog is all about. Life is short, so let’s get right to the point, and that is: what is it that captivates and motivates you? In this blog I’ll share what inspires me.  Every day for me is a panorama of images, patterns, light-play, dialogue and interaction… and sometimes challenges. It’s all a platform for creativity.  If I’ve inspired one person with my little blog, I’ve accomplished something. Please feel free to comment.

26 thoughts on “About What?

  1. Hello Sue
    Moving over to this new platform with you…so looking forward to reading your inspired writing and breathing in the beauty of the photos you post

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! Here’s a shout out for your memoir. I’m looking forward to reading it. Enjoyed your inspiring favorite blog list. Hope to read more. All the best to you and yours.

  2. I just finished reading your post about your grandaughter with CF. When I first met you, you exuded strength through the diagnosis. I miss your energy. Please keep in touch.

  3. I like your blog. I am always reinventing, and getting ready for a big reinvention when we retire! Question: Will you tell me th elocation of your banner image? It looks like home.

    1. Hi, thank you stopping by. That picture was taken on a visit to see family in Southern California. That’s the pier at San Clemente. The people were all very nice there. Lots of folks out walking and biking. We rented a timeshare for a week and enjoyed ourselves. So Cal is so much more expensive than AZ, but that seems to be the case for any Oceanside location. PS just looked at your art! Inspiring.

  4. Hi Sue,

    My name is Alexander Anderson. My father was your daughters fifth grade teacher, and I took woodworking lessons with Jessie. I’d love to reconnect with Jessie, could you have him give me a call sometime? 503-593-4423. Thank you.

  5. Hello! My name is Sidney Anderson, Social Cause Publicist for The Love Story, a non-profit dedicating to the healing of broken hearts through adventure journaling and becoming your creative process.

    We are looking to promote our new interactive book series that came out this past December by having press releases posted on websites that we feel will attract the right group of people.

    If you’re interested, I would be more than happy to send you a full press release! Thank you.

    Sidney Anderson
    Social Cause Publicist
    (616) 558 – 2507

  6. Hi Susan,
    Are you (or do you know) “Auntiedote” of Olympia WA?
    Self Describes as “Irreverent Mystic”.
    PS I grew up in Oly and now live in Duvall WA

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