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Minding Your Q’s and Dealing with Disappointment


Q's blog post

“We must first be skeptical and doubt everything, as we do in the modern world. Skepticism produces questions, questions lead to investigation…and investigation and experimentation bring answers” – Dalai Lama on What Matters Most, Conversations on Anger, Compassion, and Action

Last post I wrote about the “P’s” and doing a vision board. Vision may include sound. Sound is language, language is words and feeling. As a workshop enthusiast, one of the most inspiring group sessions I ever attended was with Barbara Marciniak, channeler of the “P’s” or the Pleiadians. What we did at the session was called toning. Hundreds of people basically hummed (chanted) one note in varying octaves for longer than five minutes. Talk about astro-planing your psyche. The result was powerful beyond words, an otherworldly yet familiar feeling of empowerment through sound. What I felt was an enormous level of affirmation similar to a religious experience I had as a child.

If that’s a bit much for you, I understand. Your mother or English teacher probably never instructed you on metaphysics when reminding you to be on your best behavior. As an angel practitioner and psychic medium, I love communicating with other realms. The result is always loving and supportive. Journal writing affects me the same way. You know it’s working because you feel good. Speaking of support, let’s talk about the Q’s.

The Q’s are about: quandary, questioning, query, and quiet.


  • Who ever lived without facing some form of challenge or a dreaded situation? Dealing with problems is perhaps the only way to write about the raw truth. As I’ve shared previously, our granddaughter has cystic fibrosis. When we first heard about her diagnosis and had to face the reality that her little life and body were compromised, it took all my courage to stay strong. My husband is a polio survivor. Every movement has to be calculated. We can’t just go globe-trotting without major preparations. His legs don’t work like normal people. However, Jesse has one of the best attitudes of anyone I’ve ever met-and I learn so much from him about approaching life.
  •  Questioning
    • Do you intuitively accept everything you hear or read? How do you decide whom or what to trust?
    • In blogging I’ve found that reviewing author’s books, participating in writing groups, and    constantly supporting others does not mean they will come back and support you. In fact, I’ve done Interviews and have been involved in “friendships,” only to find that the writers don’t even bother to respond on their own interviews, nor will they automatically follow your blog. Now I know better, and I’m stronger for it. People are competitive and self-involved; writers are no different from any other ambitious group. Moral of the story: stay positive.
    • Don’t get hung up on other people’s cliques. I asked one person four times to be a guest on my blog. It never happened. Another ‘spiritual’ person scoffed at someone who had less than 5000 followers on the internet. Get on down the road! Twitter, Facebook, Google + and other venues are not the only way to reach out to others. Believe in yourself. It takes time. Offer classes in person.
    •  Keep journaling. Stay with your craft.
  • Query
    • Have you learned how to do a classic query letter? Who are the experts on this? Talk to as many people as you can and read about doing this important step.
  • Quiet
    • Making time for silence and long periods of solitude are essential for self- development.
    • Entering silence can be done when physically in the presence of others. Example, read Eat, Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, or Quiet by Susan Cain. I also like Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff. She’s one of my favorite psychics, and an MD.
    • Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet.

Another aspect of quiet is calming the beastly inner critic. Banish your inside prissy, demanding, perfect boss. Guys have them too-one of my best friends told me. Men often have a fear of rejection, death or weakness. They  might not want to share openly. Sometimes what isn’t said speaks loudly.

Try a different perspective. If you’re a mechanic, go hang out at a garden club. If you’re a six figure income CEO, try volunteering in a senior center. Always had security? Try living at the cheapest, nastiest hotel you can find.

Find out what excites you.

Here’s one more Q:

Que, slang for “ what?” Say what?

  • Maybe, just maybe, others don’t get you. Years ago I wrote a piece on driving a hybrid and the instructor had no idea what I was saying. Another student understood, but I felt bad because I thought the teacher would get it. Sometimes the issue is cultural, age-specific, or gender related. Don’t worry, somebody is going to be the perfect helper for you.
  • Maybe you are in the wrong group! Go find another or start one.

So about support, if people aren’t readily available or responsive, just stay with it. Try a week in a different geographic setting. If you write in first person, try writing in third person.

Journal prompt: Which one of the “Q’s” interests you? Why? Do you enjoy ‘safe’ writing or raw writing? Pretend you are a famous critic evaluating your own work. Of course you are not Steven King or J.K. Rowling (I have the first four letters of the last name & have never read Harry Potter-but I really like her because she defied the odds), but just for a moment, pretend you are famous.

Write to yourself as a ‘nobody.’ Write yourself a rave review. How do you feel? Even if it seems ridiculous, try it anyway.

Do you have a strong writing or support group? Do you need one? Most writers will say you do. Did J. K. Rowling have a writing support group? I think she just WROTE. Are you afraid of constructive criticism? Are you honest with others about what you think of their writing? Write about who or what makes you feel like you belong. I find that artists are more accepting of other artists, than writers, for example. But that’s just me.

Discussion: Read, read, read. Reading is always my favorite way of dealing with lack of support or rejection. Right now my inner critic is on a roll, so my inner comedian wants to take over. It helps.

look up

” For the first time in my life I was able to understand the meaning of the words, ‘ the angels are lost in perpetual contemplation of an infinite glory.’ ” -Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search For Meaning.

close up lamp chair cherub copy.jpg 2


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Bragging the Oracle

Blog challenge for today is: If you had bragging rights to something what you boast about?

We are taught as children not to brag and boast. It’s nice to have permission.

I’m enthusiastic about a lot of things so I sure hope I don’t come off as boasting. Confidence is one thing, bragging another. My grown kids, grandkids, my nieces and nephews are people about whom I would boast. What awaits them are the mean streets, and they are not there! All of them are working, going to school and raising children. They are doing well and have become conscientious and caring;  I love them dearly. They are my bragging rights!

The next thing I am over the top enthusiastic about are oracle card readings. I started doing them for myself years ago. Then I became a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner or ATP® and intuitive. Even though I use tarot, I prefer eclectic decks such as The Angel Tarot, The Archangel Michael Deck, and Messages from Your Angels etc.  The images are positive, affirmative, helpful. There is nothing untoward or unethical about these readings. I don’t discuss anyone’s business with another person. A good reader follows strict guidelines. Another rule is I don’t read for someone who is not present. Asking permission is par for the course with all readings. Hence, the certification.

When I read for somebody I often use angel decks but I also do channeling and mediumship. For example, if I sense or “see” a man in an easy chair with a bowler hat, and I hear or see the letter G, I might mention there is a grandfather presence who is a backer or guide for the client. The messages I receive from Spirit are symbols or psychological implications. I give my interpretation and the client is usually aware of the information already. It is in the unconscious and can be an idea that has been brewing. If I pull the “higher education” card and then the participant claims he has been thinking of going back to college, the validation is present.

So I am not telling the client something he or she doesn’t already know, it is a matter of confirmation along with new information, and support. The messages are always based on loving kindness. It doesn’t matter to me if someone believes in the spiritual realms or not. My practice is non-denominational. I do include a silent brief prayer at the start and ending of each session.

Here’s an example of a reading I did for myself for this post. A  short response follows. Regular readings are longer. Cards are from multiple decks.

Question: What do my guides and angels want me to know about ——-(describe a situation) ?

card for blog 2

The layout left to right is past, present and future. I usually add an outcome card. Brief summary:

PAST: Don’t Compromise, St. Agnes of Rome

For this reading I am looking at having established my values and stand firm in my opinion of what I feel about my current situation. In the past I have had to be stalwart and, in essence, have had to fight for what I believe in. Perseverance to a spiritual practice helps.

PRESENT: Singing and Dancing

Because I have been resolute, I can move into the present time freely.  So in this situation, to relieve tension or anxiety the answer lies in physical activity. I am being advised to sing and dance, return to the spiritual joy that has been a way to validate my own spirituality. In other words, take some time to savor the happy dance of life. Embrace psychic powers.


The ocean as the future card is spot on! The ocean has been a source of comfort and creativity for me my whole life. We’ve been planning a trip to the ocean, and just this morning I was dreaming about walking along the beach. Soak up some negative ions- a good thing. Water heals.

Thanks for letting me share my passion.

Onto Father’s Day!


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In Attendance

close up the chair by the window copy


Attend a dance

Attend a party

A tender dance

I tend

to dance

tending to freedom.

I am the attendant,

Archangel Azriel.

Did 7 hours of silence, a long version of trance channeling. When a great one crosses over I don’t feel sad as much as I feel a quiet and deep presence as the soul sheds the material body. As we are in attendance, we make the journey with the loved one by holding and honoring the earthly life that transitions. Freedom!

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100th Blog Celebration! Share the Joy

Sue's 100 blog
Welcome to my 100th blog post! Thank you readers. If I haven’t thanked you individually yet, here it is. Ever grateful.

Since the focus of my blog is to share journal writing and inspiration, I want to highlight some of the work of my friends who offered to share in the joy. I put the call out on Facebook and am delighted to show you what came in from some of the people who make my everyday life shine. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, my angel friends are always there to help keep it real.

Below are their blogs, journal entries, poems, photos and essays in the order they were received. I’m looking forward to doing 100 more blog posts.   I’m looking forward to another year of living and breathing on this great planet of ours.

Angel blessings to you all.


Willow Tree

I am ready for more.
Lovingly I believe in me.
Chances are this beautiful
willow tree holds the key
of a history I never seen.
Watch the leaves,
Believe in more and more.
Unraveling the knots of
thought into a dreamy trust.

willow tree

A note from the poet: here is a meaning of the willow tree.

Check out her talent here or at:

Colorful Adventures Await!


EDIE WEINSTEIN, journalist, speaker, and social worker shares her many talents.  Once in a while there is a person who is willing to jump right in with both feet; that would be Edie! I  decided to pick one my favorite blogposts about writing that she posted.  Here’s one about finding your expressive voice and the writing muse.


Love has no boundaries
It is endless and real

Love holds friends together

It holds families together

Love grows bright within our

hearts Like a never ending fire

That ignites deep with in our soul.

Love makes life possible

There is love within our land

That radiates through the flowers and the trees

It flows through the rivers and streams

Love brings compassion and kindness to our hearts

Love is shared with just a look,

it’s deep with in our eyes

Love is shared with a smile,

Love is shared with a small act

of kindness

Love is all there is.

waterfall Grand Canyon Veronica Payan

photo credit: Veronica Payan

 GINGER BLISS  from The Writer’s Water Cooler on Facebook
I am a wind walker

sky talker.

I whisper to the breeze,

on the wings of angels

I ride with ease.

The wind sails,

on pretty tales of tomorrows dreams.

The wind blows

who knows where life will lead me?

I am a wind walker

sky talker

I whisper to the breeze
Singing sacred songs

in my heart they belong,

as the wind whispers to me.
@ Ginger Bliss

orange rainbow copy
May God and his Angels touch and embrace you with their wings of flight. Behold the wing of Pegasus in honor of the year of the horse. Let time take you on your quest of loving victories and conquests of divine love. May you truly find the wings of angels comfort and heal you every day. Just know that you are truly blessed by the wings of your guardian angel. ~ Louie



Operating as an Integrated Being

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Think about the times you really wanted to get something done- perhaps you cleared your mind in an attempt to rid yourself of distractions, buckled down and got focused. And more often than not, if your preparatory efforts were well-intentioned and sincere, sometime later, tangible evidence of progress began to come into view. When your whole being is engaged in a clearly defined pursuit, on a singular path, you are rewarded with the fruits of your labor- this is a simple enough concept for most of us to understand.
What may not be immediately apparent is the energy dynamic at play beneath the surface. When we wish to create anew- be it a physical object, a state of being or a transformation of any kind, we begin with some vision of the end point in mind. This is where the creative process begins, and any eventual manifestation in a form we can interact with depends on what extent all pistons are firing, so to speak, with all the other relevant players.
For example, say you want a new car. It would be quite reasonable to visualize the vehicle in question, perhaps to think about the features you would prefer; its appearance or even to conjure up the sensation of tootling along on the freeway at top speed. Again, all plausible things to consider-however, stopping at this stage of the game would make it very unlikely that that car would ever arrive in your driveway. Thoughts must eventually morph into action, and if they do not, we can clearly see that as far as the desired goal of securing a vehicle is concerned, a key component is missing- the energy of integration that is present whenever we take an action that is in alignment with our desired objective.
When we expand our vantage point to the broader issue of how we live our lives, we can also apply this same thinking about operating from an integrated core to the success (or lack thereof) we achieve, both personally and professionally. Say you would like more synergy between your personal values and your career path. And while you may make this declaration to yourself, the you who wishes to impress friends and family is relying a bit too much on how well your current title “presents” to the world, the cynical part of you wonders whether your goal is a bit too unrealistic given the present economic climate, and the worried part of you figures it’s better to continue suffering in your present job rather than face the unknown of exploring different options. At the end of the day there is a considerable disconnect at work here, and not surprisingly as a result, the status quo will continue to limp along. Thoughts are developing into “actions” alright, but the question is whether said actions are in alignment with the results you desired to begin with.
To move beyond this kind of disconnect that is operating here additional energy must be expended and two options immediately come to mind- you can continue to spin your wheels by using your energy to find new and inventive ways to wonder why your goal of a fulfilling professional position is not any closer in sight.…OR you could shift gears and actually bring your actions into alignment with your hopes for a career path where you can really shine. With the latter option, each and every action we take moves us closer to realizing our intention and a very different energetic momentum is unfolding. An integrated approach to living is emerging. Tangible progress is much more likely when all component parts- intentions, thoughts and actions are singing from the same hymnal.

What kinds of actions support us in operating in an integrated fashion in our lives?
• Being clear on our values
• Choosing relationships with supportive, like-minded people
• Eliminating aspects of our life experience that pull us away from our best selves
• Cultivating a dialogue with people who are already where we would like to be

Our effective and satisfying operation in the world flows beautifully when we come from a space of unified focus. Deciding who we wish to be and putting some quality attention into determining just what is necessary (and what needs to be “minimized”) to bring the vision of the life we desire into fruition means we have much more to offer. Cheers to making yourself a priority in this fashion and best wishes on the quest!

Idara E. Bassey is a lawyer, energy healer, spiritual counselor and author of Reflections of a Mystical Sistah: On Traveling Down the Road to Self-Definition (iUniverse). For more information about her services and upcoming programs visit her website at

She does amazing readings!

nature's filigree


We in Dis Mess

Fenced in on all sides
Hours, minutes, seconds

Nothing to do-trouble is wide..FREE ME!

I tried
all I see is cry faces
all I see is dark places
all I see is missed races

What we need is Gods’ graces.

*inspired by “The Interrupters”
Frontline documentary, re: the Chicago street gangs
Paula ~

Thank you, Paula! I always enjoy your messages and quotes.

the East River by JadiancY

photo credit: Jadianc Aidaj

I have more fun reading other people’s work and looking at blogs. What an amazing world. I promise to get more techie so that I can do a better job in sharing the work.

Journal Prompt: What do you want to write about in your own life? Don’t wait. Do it now.

All rights reserved to the writers and artists/photographers on the this page.

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Prayers for the Philippines

It’s devastating to hear the news about the Philippines. News reports cite over 1200 may have recently perished in the typhoon. We’re adding our thoughts and prayers for all affected by the tragedy.

Who could imagine storms raging again and again?

Testing resolve and the will to live

When dreamers cry and children scream

Responders fight desperately in an effort to give.



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Hundreds of Thousands Who Dream

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from  the Birmingham Jail


My spirits were low but I dreamed something nice.  In the dream Jesse and I were greeting our friend who looked like Elizabeth in traditional dress with a patterned light blue head wrap. We met in an open field and hugged for joy. I had gotten my hair done for the occasion.  In the distance was a disturbance that made me uneasy. It didn’t concern me. Then I woke up.


Today I went up to the mailbox and found two great surprises on this special day, the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.  The mail contained the usual insignificant first class advertising except for one letter. There also was the key to the parcel locker. Woo-hoo! Inside was a neatly labeled container, a gift from my awesome friend Janey in the Midwest. She sent me a delicately woven box with angel messages. It comes with a little frame and you pick an angel message and put the sayings inside the frame.  The first one I chose was, “ As I travel life’s road, help me find the joy in the journey.”  All the readings I’ve done for people came to fruition.

two angels with messages

credit: Inspirations by Regina Ballard and Natalie Walker Whitlock

The second surprise was my first letter from  my  sister, a woman living in a super dangerous place in Africa. I have been a sponsor of  Women for Women International since 2008, following the progress in education and training for women in Rwanda and other countries. I learned about the organization years ago on Oprah.

So the letter corresponded to my dream. My current sister  “Elizabeth” can now write her name in English, do math, and speak some greetings in English. Her letter turned me to mush. Because of protocol I can’t reveal their identities or share details.

“I thank you for your message that you have sent me from your office.” – Elizabeth, personal communication.

                                                  AFRICAN woman number two copy for blog

I decided to go into my files to pull out a few things in honor of the   The year was 1963 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., made his famous “I Have a Dream”  speech.  I was ten years old and feeling somewhat bewildered because Mom was in the hospital, barely able to speak after suffering a major stroke. Her right side was affected. She survived, but was affected, afterwards her speech as altered.

As a passionate little girl I took all her early lessons to heart.  She would quietly tell me that all people must be treated equally. She had me recite the Golden Rule. She referenced  Shakespeare, quoting “to thine own self be true.” Standards of behavior and social etiquette remained throughout  childhood-not that we didn’t rebel as all kids do. But we knew the rules and what as expected of us.

When I was struggling with something like a bike test we kids had to pass to ride our bikes to school, she would tell me a story about her own life. In one case it was an English professor who intimidated her.  She told me how she triumphed in this situation and that I could also bust through my fear. All during the written and performance test for bike riding, I did my best while mentally chanting “Mommy and the English professor,”  I passed.

  My mother was a moderate  Democrat who instilled in me a love for poetry.  I heard many viewpoints being discussed during holidays and when historic events went down. Most of the heated political discussion involved my parents and often my older sister was included simply because she was older, but only by 18 months.

In 1963 I remember the murmurings about “so terrible” and then later in  November the horrific news, the pall, the fervor, the hushed whispers, the images of solemn funeral processions and public displays of emotion.  I remember the silence and the rounded screen of black and white television.

Five years later I watched again, April 4th, 1968… silent and bereft, my political innocence now shattered forever by King’s assassination. I knew how serious the depth of hatred and manipulation could be by those in adult world. It happened again in June with RFK’s murder. By then I attended a racially mixed high school and Cleveland had the honor of being led by one of the nations first African American mayors, Carl B. Stokes. In 1972, the infamous Watergate break in occurred. I had left home by then but would hear Mom angrily fussing over the corruption that continued in Washington. I learned if you don’t like something then get involved to change it.

We are still dreaming. We are still working. We are still singing.

“The glory of success and the shame and confusion of failure, could not be matters of indifference to me.” – Frederick Douglass  Life and Times of Frederick Douglass

                                 Frederick Douglass  2copy

Today I was touched by the letter and the kindness of others.

Journal prompt 1)  Write about your day.

Journal prompt 2) What do historical events mean to you? Have you attended any marches?

Happy journaling!