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Way to go!

What an historic day! So WP grammar rules is telling me it is “a historic.”

Fly the rainbow flag. The Supreme Court made the correct decision by passing marriage equality.

Now let’s keep going and do more to protect the environment. Make solar power available to all home-owners and renters. Put the American people, especially veterans, back to work by installing solar power. The  Southwest as well as California, Texas, and Florida should be solar-powered. Why are we continuing to dumb ourselves down in this country? We would be wise to follow the lead of other countries such as France and Germany who have switched to renewable resources.

Other countries in the world have banned GMO foods. Educate yourself if you don’t know about these issues. GMO foods make people sick. It is being banned, people! Wise up.

There is enough wealth for everyone in the world. It is the thinking of greed and lack that perpetuates evil. Fear-based thinking promotes inequality and violence. The children on our beautiful planet were not meant to suffer. Nobody should suffer or be exposed to toxic chemicals.

Listen to the words the president spoke today. He reminds us not to fall into patterns of contempt and sarcasm. He spoke from the heart, and he sang from authenticity. Our hearts have been heavy with sadness, now the angels sing and we rejoice. I love the  HateWon’tWin  campaign where young people tell us all to go out do something nice for others.

The children and grandchildren of the world will lead with their innocence and purity.

Why did I ever doubt love? I was downhearted this week thinking that things couldn’t get any worse-not for myself-but for generations to come.

                                                                                                      pretty flowers for blog

My personal campaign is to release contempt – right now. This is my pledge. I admit it is one of my worst faults. Releasing contempt and sarcasm doesn’t mean anyone becomes a doormat. Far from it.

I’m going to need a support group when the Daily Show goes off the air, but hey, I understand. Maybe they will have re-runs.

This week my doubt and sadness was at a peak. I prayed and received a heartfelt answer today by watching and listening to the service in Charleston.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. The silent power of the sunset broadcasts the light of hope.


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Poor neglected bloggie

Oh I have just been so mean lately to not come and attend to my  bloggie!

Working on a rough first draft of the book has been taking up so much time,

as well as working on the website. Life has been good though.

Some sprites and spirits do come ’round and that’s always such a joy.

1920s flapper copya face

a story                                                and then

a loveUntitled-1 copy

but not like the people in the village quite expected

a spirit

and a human

could dance with such abandon and precision

there is no English word for it.


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Groundhog Week

Blogaday prompt: Groundhog Week
If you could relive the past week what would you do differently?

Last week I had a wonderful time visiting with our son and his lovely girlfriend. I was so happy to be able to hug my son again and enjoy a laugh together. He made us a breakfast. We went to the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix. It is exquisite. They have Pablo Casals’ cello and the piano on which John Lennon wrote “Imagine.” Elvis boots, guitars, and outfits are fun.  Plus, there is a room where visitors can play an assortment of instruments and gadgets.


With headsets one wanders through spacious rooms with exhibits from all over the world.


Why do we respond to certain sounds? I love strings, horns, bass, gongs and bells, all of it. Some music doesn’t move me. After studying past lives through channeling and hypnotherapy, I felt a strong kinship with the sounds of what may have been the locations of my previous incarnations. No, I wasn’t famous. More on that later.  In essence, I floated through history.

early piano
The second week switched into some moments of minor tension. I generally put myself into a funk over the topic. The take-away from the crunchy part of the week is I had some nice phone conversations. I held my own. I made a decision not to fret over any of it. Voila! If it doesn’t feed the Spirit and Soul essence then it’s not worth it.


My only regret is not exercising more. I may not have that body image (yet) I was chirping about a few posts ago, but I am working on trying to stay healthy. Another 15 minutes per day on the treadmill would have been nice. Onward! And….no worrying allowed.

bow and weird musical instruments

Oh, and I saw an interview with Don Miguel Ruiz  author of The Four Agreements. YES!

Until next time…

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“Scuse the Hogs”

Blog challenge. Write about a favorite food celebration from your childhood.
I decided to write about a memory of about 20 years ago.

The weather is hot, lush like a jungle. We live among the redwoods, inland from the Pacific Ocean. Meadows with ripening apple trees and oaks dripping sphagnum moss liven up the countryside. Everything is ready for harvest.

Our garden is full. The August warmth comes up from the sweet earth, delivering fertility and contentment. We have corn, peppers, squash, tomatoes, eggplant, and cucumbers. I have vines on a trellis, abundant with of gourds of all sizes. I will have to hang them to dry in the coming months. The process takes almost a year from start to finish. Country work. The star jasmine is blooming, a perfume that fills the front porch.

Jesse comes back from the lake with a stringer of fresh trout. He works in the side yard quickly cleaning the fish, his hands deft. Jazz music filters from the radio inside our house. A crow caws in the huge pine at the edge of the yard, letting us know she has an eye on our goods.

The kids help me in the garden. We pull some corn, two ears for each person, then pick the last of the red leaf lettuce. We pick perfect cherry tomatoes. We pull some carrots, a bell pepper, baby spinach, and harvest a couple of lemon cukes. Home grown salad. Then comes the best part, green beans. Just the sight makes me drool. Butter and sometimes a  little  sea salt, or light garlic salt is the only condiment necessary. But they have to snap when you pick them. That’s why they’re called snap beans.

A few leaves of fresh basil and marjoram are plucked for a sauce type marinade that I brush over the trout right after it comes out of pan. We’re doing chicken too, local organic. I arrange the apple wood for the fire under the grill. Only suburbanites use coals for barbecues. The wood smoke is as aromatic as the food we’re preparing.

The kids laugh about something. My daughter is 16. Her silky hair glistens and I can smell the Herbal Essence shampoo as I reach behind her for something while she tosses the salad. She’s a junior in high school and works in town. She drives and helps with the shopping. My son is 12. He’s into drumming and skateboarding. He’s a good kid. Our young ones don’t argue. We don’t have all that slamming of doors and hurtful phrases…maybe some moping or pouting…but it isn’t because we are authoritarians. Some people just get along. I start to wonder why my sister and I used to fight.

I put my mind back on chopping up some dill and green onions.

Finally we sit down to eat. We recite our homespun non-denominational prayer. The food is from our own hands, our own efforts. Every bite is savory and we’re happy. Not rich, not poor…. doing ok. Jesse makes googley eyes after chomping down on the corn on the cob. He wipes the butter from his chin and lets out a big belch.

“Ooops, ‘scuse the hogs, you pigs.”

The kids giggle.

“This is some good eatin'” we say to each other.

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Antique Browsing for Modern Dummies

                                                         scribeners 1890

Hello readers. If I haven’t responded to each of one of you, it’s because I’m not organized. Forgive me! I’m not ignoring you-it’s really a case of AES, aka eyes, aka aging eye syndrome.

 I want to say thank you for being there and, to my FB family, I’m overwhelmed by all your kind birthday wishes. It’s not my habit to make a big deal of the birthday thing, but this year I am going to enjoy it by talking about “it.” One of my indigenous teachers reminded us years ago to thank our mothers and fathers on birthdays. Sounds good to me. Any chance to be festive is fine and dandy. Speaking of dandy, a term nobody uses much anymore, here is the blog challenge.

Antique antics. What’s the oldest thing you won-toys, clothing, Twinkies, Grecian urns. Anything’s fair game. Recount its history from the object’s point of view.


woman in repose


A sense of what is current
I give you stories and knowledge,
the ads are fresh for this season-it’s nothing new-
topics listed-summer styles to better digestion,
food prices, tools for the handyman, salves, potions, ointments,
spices and flavors, garden seeds, dates for events.
I give you
articles on weddings, cures for baldness,
calming hysteria for women, easing tension, games for children,
conversations on building self-confidence, catering and career.
Mysteries, muscles, chocolate truffles,
I am the latest magazine now faded into gingery paper
selling you thrills and ideas, bidding, counting, recruiting…
it’s current where I live in 1890.



sue with chey in background copy

Grandma Sue-turning 61-2014




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Coming Out

each moment is a new beginning

I’m outing myself! No, not that. I’m a straight psychic with a hint of the conventional.

“Do it only because you love it”— Barbara Sher, It’s Only Too Late if  You Don’t Start Now

The gift of being intuitive comes with a price which is usually  from a near death experience or devastating event. The shock comes when you doubt yourself.  But you know that you know. After a while the hiding starts to wear you down. Then, you give in and come out. The folks who used to torment me by walking around in my mind and causing sleepless nights  started fading away. The need to impress anyone or  to battle my true identity disappeared into the sunset.

  I spent decades working for less than stellar pay.   A family member  used to ridicule  me about my  so-called life choices and “lack of interesting work” and not living up to my potential.  In retrospect, I never felt bad about my  service to the community or the earth.  Elitism bores me to tears.   All rejections have turned into great teachers.

Much as I dislike the term “psychic” I now am now no longer afraid to take my place where I belong. Try switching up the word “psychic” with “recognizing” or “seeing.” Seeing is recognizing. In my coming out phase of life, a certain freedom exists. Just look at spring cherry blossoms on an old tree. Without the aging trunk with its extended gnarly branches there would be no blossoms. Nature is not afraid of color, diversity,  or aging. People are.

“ I had no intention of losing hope and giving up.” —Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning

portrait of the artist as a young woman                                         portrait of the artist as a young woman

Come out, come out wherever you are!

People who have the sixth sense are often tested by non-believers. The point is when we open ourselves to the gift of Spirit a profound shift occurs and information is delivered. Anyone can learn. Psychic messages can be arrived at through meditation, making art, dancing, trance channeling, repetitive movement and dreaming. Clairvoyant messages may also appear in a flash of recognition to the practitioner.

Here’s one of my magical grounding tools.

         worry rock

Take any smooth rock, especially a river rock, and hold it for at least 10 minutes. Take a deep breath, counting to four… in through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. As you exhale, imagine all your concerns disappearing.  Repeat the breathing exercise four times. Then, out loud, give all worries and concerns to your stone as if speaking to a dear friend. You can be as crude or as formal as you want. I like to be a little formal, just to be ceremonial. Say “I now release all worries about money and health.” Or, “I no longer  want to hold onto any insecurity,” etc.  Be specific. Use details. As you hold your stone, ask for what you WANT. For example, ” I now affirm that I am in my new house.” Or, “I now feel healthy and whole.”  See yourself as ALREADY doing what you want. Practice SEEING yourself  in your new life role. Remember to conclude out loud with something like “and so it is” “amen” or “true dat!”

 Don’t forget to thank your healing tool, the  angels, and Spirit out loud.  Observe your body and how it feels afterwards.

Happy Spring! Happy blossoms. I’m glad to be OUT as a hetero- intuitive and ABOUT as….myself.

Journal prompt 1: Do you believe in the paranormal? Have you ever had any experiences, visions, dreams or do you do readings? Does your family of origin have any opinions about psychics or intuitives? Do you fear psychic phenomena? Write about your experiences or feelings.

Journal prompt 2: What is your vision of success?

Copyright © 2014 by Susan E. Rowland

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100th Blog Celebration! Share the Joy

Sue's 100 blog
Welcome to my 100th blog post! Thank you readers. If I haven’t thanked you individually yet, here it is. Ever grateful.

Since the focus of my blog is to share journal writing and inspiration, I want to highlight some of the work of my friends who offered to share in the joy. I put the call out on Facebook and am delighted to show you what came in from some of the people who make my everyday life shine. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, my angel friends are always there to help keep it real.

Below are their blogs, journal entries, poems, photos and essays in the order they were received. I’m looking forward to doing 100 more blog posts.   I’m looking forward to another year of living and breathing on this great planet of ours.

Angel blessings to you all.


Willow Tree

I am ready for more.
Lovingly I believe in me.
Chances are this beautiful
willow tree holds the key
of a history I never seen.
Watch the leaves,
Believe in more and more.
Unraveling the knots of
thought into a dreamy trust.

willow tree

A note from the poet: here is a meaning of the willow tree.

Check out her talent here or at:

Colorful Adventures Await!


EDIE WEINSTEIN, journalist, speaker, and social worker shares her many talents.  Once in a while there is a person who is willing to jump right in with both feet; that would be Edie! I  decided to pick one my favorite blogposts about writing that she posted.  Here’s one about finding your expressive voice and the writing muse.


Love has no boundaries
It is endless and real

Love holds friends together

It holds families together

Love grows bright within our

hearts Like a never ending fire

That ignites deep with in our soul.

Love makes life possible

There is love within our land

That radiates through the flowers and the trees

It flows through the rivers and streams

Love brings compassion and kindness to our hearts

Love is shared with just a look,

it’s deep with in our eyes

Love is shared with a smile,

Love is shared with a small act

of kindness

Love is all there is.

waterfall Grand Canyon Veronica Payan

photo credit: Veronica Payan

 GINGER BLISS  from The Writer’s Water Cooler on Facebook
I am a wind walker

sky talker.

I whisper to the breeze,

on the wings of angels

I ride with ease.

The wind sails,

on pretty tales of tomorrows dreams.

The wind blows

who knows where life will lead me?

I am a wind walker

sky talker

I whisper to the breeze
Singing sacred songs

in my heart they belong,

as the wind whispers to me.
@ Ginger Bliss

orange rainbow copy
May God and his Angels touch and embrace you with their wings of flight. Behold the wing of Pegasus in honor of the year of the horse. Let time take you on your quest of loving victories and conquests of divine love. May you truly find the wings of angels comfort and heal you every day. Just know that you are truly blessed by the wings of your guardian angel. ~ Louie



Operating as an Integrated Being

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Think about the times you really wanted to get something done- perhaps you cleared your mind in an attempt to rid yourself of distractions, buckled down and got focused. And more often than not, if your preparatory efforts were well-intentioned and sincere, sometime later, tangible evidence of progress began to come into view. When your whole being is engaged in a clearly defined pursuit, on a singular path, you are rewarded with the fruits of your labor- this is a simple enough concept for most of us to understand.
What may not be immediately apparent is the energy dynamic at play beneath the surface. When we wish to create anew- be it a physical object, a state of being or a transformation of any kind, we begin with some vision of the end point in mind. This is where the creative process begins, and any eventual manifestation in a form we can interact with depends on what extent all pistons are firing, so to speak, with all the other relevant players.
For example, say you want a new car. It would be quite reasonable to visualize the vehicle in question, perhaps to think about the features you would prefer; its appearance or even to conjure up the sensation of tootling along on the freeway at top speed. Again, all plausible things to consider-however, stopping at this stage of the game would make it very unlikely that that car would ever arrive in your driveway. Thoughts must eventually morph into action, and if they do not, we can clearly see that as far as the desired goal of securing a vehicle is concerned, a key component is missing- the energy of integration that is present whenever we take an action that is in alignment with our desired objective.
When we expand our vantage point to the broader issue of how we live our lives, we can also apply this same thinking about operating from an integrated core to the success (or lack thereof) we achieve, both personally and professionally. Say you would like more synergy between your personal values and your career path. And while you may make this declaration to yourself, the you who wishes to impress friends and family is relying a bit too much on how well your current title “presents” to the world, the cynical part of you wonders whether your goal is a bit too unrealistic given the present economic climate, and the worried part of you figures it’s better to continue suffering in your present job rather than face the unknown of exploring different options. At the end of the day there is a considerable disconnect at work here, and not surprisingly as a result, the status quo will continue to limp along. Thoughts are developing into “actions” alright, but the question is whether said actions are in alignment with the results you desired to begin with.
To move beyond this kind of disconnect that is operating here additional energy must be expended and two options immediately come to mind- you can continue to spin your wheels by using your energy to find new and inventive ways to wonder why your goal of a fulfilling professional position is not any closer in sight.…OR you could shift gears and actually bring your actions into alignment with your hopes for a career path where you can really shine. With the latter option, each and every action we take moves us closer to realizing our intention and a very different energetic momentum is unfolding. An integrated approach to living is emerging. Tangible progress is much more likely when all component parts- intentions, thoughts and actions are singing from the same hymnal.

What kinds of actions support us in operating in an integrated fashion in our lives?
• Being clear on our values
• Choosing relationships with supportive, like-minded people
• Eliminating aspects of our life experience that pull us away from our best selves
• Cultivating a dialogue with people who are already where we would like to be

Our effective and satisfying operation in the world flows beautifully when we come from a space of unified focus. Deciding who we wish to be and putting some quality attention into determining just what is necessary (and what needs to be “minimized”) to bring the vision of the life we desire into fruition means we have much more to offer. Cheers to making yourself a priority in this fashion and best wishes on the quest!

Idara E. Bassey is a lawyer, energy healer, spiritual counselor and author of Reflections of a Mystical Sistah: On Traveling Down the Road to Self-Definition (iUniverse). For more information about her services and upcoming programs visit her website at

She does amazing readings!

nature's filigree


We in Dis Mess

Fenced in on all sides
Hours, minutes, seconds

Nothing to do-trouble is wide..FREE ME!

I tried
all I see is cry faces
all I see is dark places
all I see is missed races

What we need is Gods’ graces.

*inspired by “The Interrupters”
Frontline documentary, re: the Chicago street gangs
Paula ~

Thank you, Paula! I always enjoy your messages and quotes.

the East River by JadiancY

photo credit: Jadianc Aidaj

I have more fun reading other people’s work and looking at blogs. What an amazing world. I promise to get more techie so that I can do a better job in sharing the work.

Journal Prompt: What do you want to write about in your own life? Don’t wait. Do it now.

All rights reserved to the writers and artists/photographers on the this page.