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You’ve Got to Sell Yourself

It’s true. Get your little kiosk, business cards, and your product ( a book) out there. It’s cold-blooded but everyone will tell you the same thing. You’ve got to sell yourself. And there are hungry undiscovered people all wanting the same spotlight.

Writing is to be read and to be read, one has to market the product. It’s a competitive world, so what is your message? What is the platform? Who are you writing for? The experts will tell you it’s all about a sellable product. There it is.

I write to heal.

I’m listening to a webinar  with Nina Amir and author, Linda Joy Myers ( Don’t Call Me Mother) about marketing. Memoirs are exploding right now. Everyone is writing a book. Turn the corner, another memoir. But nobody has your story. The hitch is getting somebody interested. You can bank on that. Are you freaked out yet? You should be.  Just kidding-well-not exactly. Sometimes I wonder why I’m doing this to myself. Then I think of people I admire, friends who have died, and my loved ones-a few of them who have never had a real chance in life… and the doubt subsides.

I write to inspire.


I started this thing over eight years ago and it’s still bugging me. I can’t write the word ” journey” any more. My book isn’t a freaking  journey-it’s a blessed chore to be accomplished. My ace card is that I made a contract with my soul. If I have to print the book myself and stand on a street corner, I’ll do it.

Gone are the old days of the great books and the traditional publishing world. It all changed with internet.

 Eight years ago I thought I wanted a master’s degree. I took all the courses making mostly A’s, paid all the fees, took the strange comp test and passed, then took time off and then didn’t get accepted back into the university. I don’t blame anyone but myself. They didn’t want me. I had an administrator’s letter of recommendation and a published author’s referral. I thought it was in the bag. I should share the poorly written rejection email just to make you cringe.  I decided I had had enough. No more. Maybe I had waited too long. Maybe I was too old. Maybe I didn’t sell myself well. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. I know what rejection feels like. The thing is, rejection doesn’t scare me any more. The only thing that scares me is not doing the work.

I write to feel.

How many times do basketball players take shots at the basket? You feel me?

I write to live.

Exposure is the real deal. Nobody is going to care if the book is hidden in the back of your closet. Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I write to love.

Amir’s acronym for writing and marketing is “WOOT” which stands for:

  •  Willingness,
  • Optimism
  • Objectivity
  • Tenacity.


What do you have to lose? If you don’t try, how would you ever know? If you don’t think anyone cares, maybe prove yourself wrong.


Check it out:

“She’s kind of….crazy…” Pause. Are you interested?
” He quit his job and sold everything.” Did it make you curious?
“She made love once and became pregnant at 16.” Do you know who I’m talking about?

Back to work.

Journal prompt: Write an outline or a timeline of major events in your life. Write as quickly as you can. Don’t stop and think, just get it down. There-you have started a memoir.