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Meanwhile, Back on Earth….

the moonscape


Meanwhile, back on earth, nobody cared much because the people were too busy with their self-importance. It all became inconveniently uninhabitable.


“But Mommy why didn’t somebody do something when the polar ice caps were melting? Why did we all have to move to the Moon?”

“That’s just the way it is, honey. People couldn’t get along well enough to change things. Corporations were only interested in profit. Someday you’ll understand. Now put your gas mask on and zip up your radiation suit. Let’s go see if we can spot a kitty cat. I heard there might be one across the ozone desert. They released a few from the laboratory three years ago. Two survived. Isn’t that exciting, dear? Plus, we have a ten-day credit left on our oxygen card. We’ve got it good!”

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November Gratitude Post 10 Stillness

this one

I am grateful for stillness.

Journal prompt: Find pictures, art, poetry, pottery or anything that represents stillness. Write about it. Do you enjoy the constant stimulation of movement and people or do you enjoy being out in nature, or maybe a combination of both?

Copyright © 2013 photo credit Susan E Rowland

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Gratitude Post 7, Air

                       closed for smog 2

I am grateful for the element of air… or what’s left of it.

We better pray like hell. Or do rosary beads. Chant Om? Something!   Air pollution stats show that 2012 reigned as  the year with the highest greenhouse gas emission levels ever. Welcome to the world we’re leaving you, kids.

The hole in the ozone layer is increasing.  Deforestation- meaning major areas of clear cutting in places like the Amazon rainforest etc,  along with that lovely  burning fossil fuels (gasoline engines and industries barfing out black smoke into the atmosphere) are the major sources of bad air quality.  Most people already know this and  worried about it 40 years ago, along with nuclear proliferation. We continue to foul our own nest. “We have met the enemy” and we are it.  Continue reading “Gratitude Post 7, Air”