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Rock it Better




rocks in the earth

They won’t tell
or even acknowledge
the sparkled laser
sent without motive.

As ever,

the measured avoidance

is through.

They even stole my azure blue.


Shifty,  picayune & shallow

shaded murmurs are simple trinkets

of  unresolved ego ramblings.

When doubts threaten to flood

my painted longing

an eyelash flickers,

I lift the brush.

The miracle speaks
like halos talking

because you,

dear Spirit,


rock it better.



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Butterflies and Kingsnakes


The  yellow mercurial butterflies 

are migrating in autumn regalia

flitting from scrappy creosote bush to lantana,

celibate in this stage,


with purposeful beauty,

actors and actresses


south to Mexican mountains.

Adorn the air with color.


Regarding  from a distance

a queenly kingsnake with her cadmium yellow stripes

competes in the beauty contest for color perfection.


She watches warily with a wink

as she makes her way

a supernatural healer,

enemy of rattlesnake,

defender of earth,

her majesty creeps with looping spine

near the red wall.

second view of the king


She’s  going home

to her den underneath the side porch.

I haven’t seen the little lizard lately,

a cutie

who comes by regularly for blueberry treats.

Maybe Ms Kingsnake has swallowed Lizzy

in preparation for winter hibernation.


For a split second

a haphazard thought comes visiting inside my head,

a map of the absurd

called imagination.

Tis only my homo sapien consciousness.

Keep going, dear one.

When I’m ready

we will visit again.


world collage

Copyright © 2014 by Susan E Rowland