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No Imagination Necessary

Blog challenge: One day your favorite piece of art- a famous painting, a sculpture, or the graffiti next door-comes to life. What happens next?


Nothing happens.
She who hears a billion cries
hovers behind my forehead.
You know
to be still,
never to flee a thousand
wayward thoughts.
I drape my blanket of comfort around the world
instilling forever the magnitude of an eyelash.

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Gratitude Post 18: All That Is, a New Being of Light

                                  chey b day june 2010 031

I am grateful for what is…just the way it is…all that is…right now. Thank you God, the Source of All That Is. You are so Great, beloved Almighty.

I am grateful for what is not.  I appreciate  the space that is not identified, that is free. It’s  the place  between the words where magic lives. It is not in the proving, the working and the struggle.  It is unspoken and never categorized.

My fears scatter into the earth to be fodder for new growth.  Leaves open for sparkles and elfin dances. Mind is the Creator. Heart is Activator. Action is the Designer.

In the way of One, the TAO there is no resistance because alchemy transforms energy into Light.

chey b day june 2010 066

In the way of simplicity and joy only the now moment exists. It is now and for all time, a new being of Light.


I’m only landing here for a moment. Then my soul travels back home again.

Journal prompt: What are you thankful for today?

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