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The air in the room felt

as if someone had recently rushed off

and left particles of tiny colors.

Was it excitement or the staggering buzz of

a lover’s quarrel?


And it helps if you fkng know how to spell “murmurs.”  I crack myself up. I changed it. But, in light of the weird crap that’s going on, I forgive myself.


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Third Time is the Charm!



Stay positive-keep looking UP!
I hope everyone is well out there.
This post is straight to the point.

This is my third time trying to post this text. For some reason, it hasn’t been showing. ??? WordPress must be revising or I have pre-election distraction disorder. Here we go again. One more time.

We’ve been inundated for months with the most vile words I ever remember hearing in my 63 years on the planet. These horrifying words such as “round ’em up. Get ’em outta here! Punch ’em in the face. Grab ’em by the pussy,” were said by a political candidate: Donald J. Trump. No matter what your politics are- GOP conservative, independent, Democrat, or Green Party, I really hope you have it in you to get out and vote tomorrow. If you’ve already voted, congratulations.

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and an environmentalist who voted Clinton this time because I am NOT going to risk voting my conscience. BERNIE said this is not the time to vote third-party. I agree. The 2% is not enough. While I understand my brothers and sisters who are Green Party, I am not convinced that voting third-party will accomplish anything this time around. We have to STOP the distracted focusing on a classic, egomaniacal tyrant. Money, and the illusion of it, is NOT real power.

People didn’t take Hitler seriously back in the 30’s when he slowly rose to power. But the insanity of one man’s maniacal lust for power is legendary and more than terrifying. We all know the story. Now this kind of insane disregard for everything that is sacred in the Constitution of the United States of America, is being threatened in a similar way by the thinking and propaganda of such men as Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, and Mao Zedong, who were tyrants. Trump’s father allegedly was a Nazi and supposedly in the KKK. If that is who you want to be, that’s between you and your maker. He does NOT represent me or anyone in my immediate family.

I think most people who are voting have already made up their minds. But if there is anyone out there who hasn’t decided, the New York Times took out a two page ad citing all Trump’s insults. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a person charged with sexual assault, nonpayment of his employees, and 4000 pending lawsuits, to be elected to ANY office in the U. S. WHY DOES HE NOT HAVE TO PAY TAXES?

As women, we been beaten, jailed, threatened, and divorced for earning the right to vote. We still don’t make equal pay in the workplace. The ERA was never passed. An amendment was added, but the ERA itself was not legislated.

The GOP candidate this year is everything you teach your children NOT to be; he’s a bully with no morals, he uses foul language. He insults anyone who doesn’t agree with him, and he verbally threatened EACH one of his opponents. Would he be allowed to sit in a third grade classroom? NO! I believe he will be charged with sexual assault. PLEASE do not support this man.

Please don’t vote Trump. He doesn’t care about anyone. Do the math. Do the research.

Here’s to the vision of voting in Hillary Clinton for president. She supports children and families. That is how she started her career. She has earned her way, every step of the way, and while I doubt her connection to evil poisoning corporate giant, Monsanto, I still support her. We can work with her, hopefully, to ban FRACKING and GMO’s which are not tolerated in other countries.

Vote Clinton, then we can FLIP the HOUSE and get back in the groove with Sanders. He represents my values. I’m proud to be supporting Hillary Clinton because I know we can work with her as our president.

Please don’t vote for the madman.

love and peace,
Susan E. Rowland


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America’s Weapons Crisis

Don’t tell me about

boom or epic

or at the end of the day

or stunning

kick-ass bad ass or other adolescent mainstream phrases


Or trending

or viral.

The peppered words

said over and over

are useless

as a toxic landfill.

For some reason

change is slow

because protocol and insanity

have access to weapons.






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What Rhymes with Rump?

I dumped my tirade about
a man without data
who castigates another
while lying and calling him
because anyone can see
that a bully is a bully is a bully
Times are just too tough
to add to the garbage,
it’s enough.
If it stinks,
it probably is
ripe enough
to be composted.
Maybe the DSM can manage
a profile
for grandiosity combined with vile.
But the day is just too lovely
to sour with an image of manly greed,
instead we gather the good people
and circle with sacredness
the hands of the righteous in thought and deed.
over the monster
with fact and dignity,
we lack not the courage
to brighten the dull fear of your insanity.

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Hierarchy Part 2


the stairs in japan


The husband looks up from his newspaper and says
“maybe those old friendships just weren’t that strong to begin with.”

Sundays are always the hardest afternoons. Memories of family dinners, picnics and phone conversations with loved ones. The ones who wanted to look for benefits,  opportunities, for fresh gossip, new customers and clients-it’s always agenda first-what did you expect? Remember how it all started?

I told you from beginning I don’t chase after people. I chase after mountains and canopied sequoia in my heart center. The children called and that’s what matters. Somebody called with a  voice,  real voices. Not an email, a text or a form letter once a year at Christmas.

I thumb through my old fashioned hand written address book and have to sigh over the names of those who crossed over or who moved on. It’s held together with duct tape. Time for a separation ceremony.

Look alive, my soul! You already  know the score. There is none. All is contained within the Tao.


Really,  take another look says the voice of the Higher Self.

Sometimes I climb those stairs by myself
as if in some foreign place,
yet, the place is not strange at all.

I have been alone before.

Other lifetimes
different clothing.
Shed the outworn threadbare with a prayer
wrapping up
in a shawl for my shoulders.

I climb the stairs by myself.

I must try.

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Wondering on the 4th

childs face

In a wash of 4th of July patriotism, I’m still wondering how people can boycott children fleeing poverty and warfare. Regardless of political ideation, one has to be reminded that those who would protest the feeding and care of any group of children, must themselves be the most evil and selfish souls on earth. Add a little extra to the collection plate on Sunday my fellow citizens. It won’t get you any closer to heaven. Plump the pillows, feather your nest. Sleep soundly now, for the ghosts of your own parasitic conscience will surely rattle their chains at breakfast.

To write safely is not to write at all.