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Doodle for a Wounded Child

every mother's love

every mother's touch

I was listening during class

when a face came to pass

as they frequently do,

maybe I invented you.

The coming of a holiday

about mothers made me want to say,

for any who have felt hurt or harm

my spirit mother will touch your arm.

The spirit mother is for all, from here to there,

she loves her children everywhere.

So understand this doodle well,

and your story some day you may tell.

If your mother is not present now

of if she brought a furrow to your brow,

sing with joy a song so sweet,

and know in your hear that you will  meet.

Journal prompt: In the US, Mother’s Day is coming up, May 10th.  What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Write, draw, paint or do a collage on the topic. What was your personal experience with your bio mother, or if you were raised by someone other than your mother, write about your  adopted mother or primary caregiver. Women readers, are you a mother yourself or are  you interested in becoming one? Maybe motherhood doesn’t interest you at all. It takes a fully aware and dedicated woman to know herself well enough to make that decision.

Men, what are your thoughts? What images and reflections come to mind? What are your cultural views about women and motherhood?

Discussion: for many people the holidays can bring stress, especially if you are a trauma survivor, or are not in traditional family. Think about healthy positive activities that bring emotional comfort to you if you had a difficult time with your bio family.

Personal story: my son was born on a beautiful Sunday, Mother’s Day in 1981. It was one of those idyllic days with sun shining, flowers blooming, and birds chattering. He was born ‘at home’ with midwives. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.  We were not always a traditional family, but I learned to do the best I could with what I had.

I admire so many people and always enjoy hearing their stories. Please feel free, if you ever happen to read this blog-to come and share yours!